Online CRM systems: the Best Solutions You Have Ever Used

Online CRM systems are universally recognized client-oriented business strategies designed to automate management decisions on the company’s relationship with counterparties.

The basis of this concept is advanced cloud-based technology which serves for the organization, automation, and synchronization of business processes for the accounting of trading activities and marketing optimization. The essence of these goals is to collect, store and analyze information about partners, consumers, suppliers, which ultimately helps to build mutually beneficial relations with them.

Online CRM software is a modern online system for customer relationship management, sales control, and accounting. It offers the same functionality as traditional client database management programs but is provided as an online service. This article explains what are the signs that the company needs that service implementation.

This service is available to the user through a regular Web browser anywhere in the world where there is the Internet, and frees him from having to install the program on a desktop.


One of the most popular online CRM systems is bmp’online which combines all the known CRM tools for working with clients. It provides a possibility to manage the complete travel of the client using products based on the bpm’online platform: from the stage of acquaintance with the company to the order and service execution.

Bpm’online organizes personal communications with customers, unites all calls to the contact center in a single system window, regardless of the channel of the request: telephone, e-mail, chat, social networks or the client portal.

The main advantages of the system:

–        socio-demographic data analysis;

–        process designer;

–        leads registration;

–        unified register of all company sales;

  • bank of ready-made solutions for marketing, sales, and service managing.

Activity Management System BTL

Activity Management System BTL is software for project management, data processing and reporting mainly supposed for advertising agencies business. Its main function is collecting of all business data into a unified repository. Firstly, it’s necessary to schedule the project’s stages and the staff responsibilities. Then Activity Management System BTL starts to track progress and prepares necessary information based on thorough analysis. It makes possible to construct customized reports for storing all required business data.

The main advantages of the system:

–        data collection tools;

–        analytics solution;

–        task management capabilities;

–        reports collection from all participants using web forms and mobile devices ;

–        transparent online reporting;

–        full project data access from everywhere.

InStream CRM 

InStream is one of the best online CRM systems for startups and small and mid-sized business from various business areas. The main function of the system is unlimited lists building for the specific needs. As a result, it can be customized for the needs and preferences of any business type. It does not concentrate its functionality on one-time sale but is focused on long and reliable relationships with the customers. This cloud CRM helps its users to manage all business relations from a single place.

The main advantages of the system:

  • contact management;
  • customer support;
  • leads capturing and their converting into productive business relations;
  • lead scoring;
  • list management;
  • interaction tracking;
  • business intelligence modules;
  • free version.

Description: Cloud CRM systems are extremely convenient. No software to install, nothing to maintain. Just log in with your browser on any device